UW-Madison Faculty and Researchers

CREATe Co-Director: Chris Luzzio, MD
Neurologist and Engineer

CREATe Co-Director: Darryl Thelen, PhD
Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Frank Fronczak, Dr. Engr.
Professor Emeritus, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Tim Gattenby
Faculty Associate, Department of Kinesiology

Bryan Heiderscheit, PT, PhD
Professor, Department of Orthopedics adn Rehabilitation

Noah Hershkowitz, PhD
Professor, Department of Engineering Physics

Kurt Kaczmarek, PhD
Senior Scientist, Department of Biomedical Engineering

Jay Martin, PhD
Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Heidi-Lynn Ploeg, PhD
Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Mitch Tyler, MS
Researcher, Department of Biomedical Engineering

Joe Towles, PhD
Assistant Scientist, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Mike Zinn, PhD
Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Associated Labs and Companies

Bone and Joint Biomechanics Lab (BJB)
Our goal is to better understand the nature of bone, bone growth and joint biomechanics as they relate to the orthopaedics field. Lab techniques include traditional mechanical testing methods (from macro to nano scale) and finite-element analysis.

Neuromuscular Biomechanics Lab (UWNMBL)
The UWNMBL conduts research on the biomechanics and neuromuscular coordination of human movement, with applications in orthopedics and rehabilitation. The overall goal of the research is to establish a scientific basis for the clinical treatment and prevention of impairments that limit locomotor performance.

Tactile Communication and Neurorehabilitation Lab
We are a research center that uses the experience of many different areas of science to study the theory and application of applied neuroplasticity, the brainís ability to reorganize in response to new information, needs, and pathways. Our research is aimed at developing solutions for sensory and motor disorders.

Robotics and Intelligent Systems Lab
Our projects are collaborative in nature and involve researchers from a broad set of disciplines including the departments of computer science, electrical engineering, botony, biomedical engineering and various departments in the UW-Madison medical school.

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