ME 340: Introduction to Dynamic Systems
Taught by Dr. Thelen
Mathematical modeling and analysis of dynamic systems with mechanical, thermal, and fluid elements. Topics: time domain solutions, analog computer simulation, linearization techniques, block diagram representation, numerical methods and frequency domain solutions.

ME 351/352: Interdisciplinary Experiential Design Projects I and II
A Two-course sequence in which students design and fabricate systems and devices, typically having an interdisciplinary aspect. In the first course, emphasis will be on project planning, team dynamics, problem identification, and conceptual design and evaluation.

ME 549: Product Design
A project oriented, interdisciplinary course with an emphasis on designing competitive, quality products. The product development process is covered from problem identification through detail design and evaluation. Included among the topics covered are: idea generation and evaluation, visualization, and quality.

BME 603: Advanced Topics in Biomedical Engineering
Biomechanics of Movement
Taught by Dr. Thelen, Dr. Towles

BME 603: Advanced Topics in Biomedical Engineering
Orthopaedic Biomechanics
Taught by Dr. Ploeg

PHY THER 627: Tissue Mechanics & Adaptations
Taught by Dr. Heiderscheit

PHY THER 628: Neuromuscular Mechanics and Control
Taught by Dr. Heiderscheit

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